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Name:  Jeff Story
Updated April 24, 2014
We're hard at work to get our new Evo/lution Linux Project website up with news, information, forums and a wiki.

An entire community of support for the users of the former Fu-rch GUI Arch installer, and the upcoming Evolution Graphical Installer for Arch.

An alternative Arch community directed towards the needs and convenience of Arch USERS rather than the developers.

A community controlled and directed by a DEMOCRATIC system. Linux by the users for the users!

Welcome to the future of Desktop and Notebook Linux OS's.

Download Evo/Lution: https://sourceforge.net/projects/evolutionlinux/

Evo/Luton Forum: http://evolution.boardhost.com/index.php

Evo/Luton News: http://www.jeffstory.org/wordpress/

Are you an experienced Python programmer with a solid Linux background? Would you like to get paid to do some work for the Evolution Project?

Do you like what you see in The Evo/Lution Linux Project and would like to help out in various roles as a volunteer?

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